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Five random facts

Tagged by zengoalie. But she’ll know these anyway.

1. I once went out to dinner and to a comedy show with a Doctor Who companion. It was the woman who played Ace - the Seventh Doctor’s companion. She was very nice.

2. I once went out to dinner with an actress from Silence of the Lambs. The one that was in the hole and put the lotion in the basket. That’s the end of my “dinner with famous women” series.

3. I hate the sun and love the fog/rain/mist/overcast.

4. I’ve been to Walt Disney World 60-something times since 1998.

5. My publisher recently prompted me to do my third book. I’m currently in the midst of getting it done. So it’s my “Return of the Kings,” I guess. Only not nearly as epic and with far fewer orcs. And not written nearly as well. And pretty much none of it is in the elvish tongue. Also, no maps. So it’s not really like “Return of the King” at all.  

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